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Live Social Media Curation

A true, LIVE social media curation is what sets Socialdrip apart from the rest. From now on, you are working with up to date social media posts from both Instagram & Twitter. Track posts that matter to you and your marketing strategies in REAL TIME!


Live Social Media Printing

Everyone loves a good photo opportunity, and Socialdrip doesn't disappoint, by powering the world's favorite social media printer, Photoboxx. It’s simple, fun, engaging, and trackable. Attendees and consumers post their own photos to Instagram or Twitter with your hashtag or location and automagically see their posts print within seconds.


Live Social Media Display

The power of Socialdrip is more than just live printing, live curation, and analytics reporting. Socialdrip even allows you to do live displays. Just choose your hashtag(s) or location and watch Socialdrip automatically build a live display that is sure to inspire attendees to engage with you on social media.

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Social Media Analytics

Stop guessing what works! Instead, make forward thinking, data proven results with analytical reports that matter. Measure ROI, organic reach, impressions and your top influencers. Plus give access to your entire team.


Built for Teams

Socialdrip was built for both solo users and enterprise teams alike. So everyone on your team can have access to the data they need. Let your graphic designers keep branded prints and live displays up to date with relevant graphic designs. Empower your event teams by giving them access to live events and let your marketing team build analytics campaigns with the robust analytics reporting features.



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